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Kym Perfetto for Affinity

Affinity Bicycles Featuring Kym Perfetto from Roberts Horowitz Creative on Vimeo.

Kym Perfetto All Over Premium Rush.


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Pedros Pink! From our friend @krysblakemore

Help Out Krys

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Krys Blakemore is a great bike mechanic and an artist, working over at 718 cyclery. She was recently hit by a car and suffered a broken leg, making it impossible for her to work.

Her boss, shop owner Joe Nocella, is taking up a collection. Here is more info by Joe:

On March 15th, Krys was hit by a car here in Brooklyn. After major surgery, she is unable to walk, work or ride her bike. Her rehab period will be extensive, but a full recovery is planned.

Krys was 718 Cyclery’s first employee, and is the kind of person who would help others at a moment’s notice. She is also the kind of person who would never dream of asking for help…

I am not that kind of person…please donate what you can to help offset the costs of her not being able to work.

To donate: http://www.gofundme.com/i0zqc

And Also Via Prolly

Congratulations to Kacey Manderfield on Top 10 and ONLY F/Fixed to Finish the RHC.

More info on the Race and Kacey…HERE.

LA Marathon 2012 Crash Race Female Fixed Gear Results

In the Picture (Kelli Samuelson 2nd Place, On the LOW she raced with)
Photo from Prolly Is Not Probably Blog on Kelli and her bike, more about it…HERE.

In the Picture (Kapri Gonzales 1st Women’s Fixed)

In the Picture (Becca Cohen 3rd Women’s Fixed and Don “Roadblock” Ward of @wolfpackhustle)

Photos of Kapri & Becca are from this Great #marathoncrash photo set by @mikeywally See more pics…HERE!

Women’s Fixed Gear:
1st Kapri Gonzales (Arizona)
2nd Kelli Samuelson
3rd Becca Cohen

COG Magazine: Milwaukee Pedal Pushers