Everyone and anyone that can help..
Last night Mandys bike was stolen last night at the Metreon Theater. Its a size 48 Orange powder coated Bare knuckle track bike with a front brake, white machined deep v’s laced to standard miche hubs, nitto drop bars with white cloth bar tape, silver chris king head set, white saddle, silver kazane cranks, mks pedals, nitto cages with single white straps, white chain…..

Please spread the word and let mandy or myself know if you see anything on the interwebs or even in the streets. East Bay included.

Thank you to any and all that can help


Bike Thief Takedown!

C’mon LA Quit Jacking Girls Bikes (Wheels)!

So someone stole these two Gold Wheels from my homegirls bike @ the Red Line Metro Station on Wilshire I know times are tough but, let’s not make it even tougher for us that don’t even own a car.